Welcome to STILL MILL!

STLL MILL Tulsa Oklahoma

We are a couple of crazy kids (nearly 30 year-olds) who are dedicated to creating bold and interesting designs that bring happiness and delight to your home. Our mission is to share the unique work of artists and artisans who inspire us and provide you with items you will cherish.

We design and create many of the items found in our store, as well as team up with artists in Tulsa and from around Oklahoma to create artwork and home goods that can't be found anywhere else.

Founded by Cameron Still and Dan Lynh Pham, our story started as two art students who met in a studio class in college, fell in love, and decided to chase our dreams by sharing our passion for art and design with the world.

Cameron StillCameron is a creative generalist who loves a good project and is constantly designing, building, and modifying things in his workshop. His interests and experience range from graphic design and photography to fabrication, manufacturing process, and a myriad of DIY projects. He loves cooking, motorcycles, and that Werner Herzog documentary about cave paintings.

Dan Lynh PhamDan is the mother of three dogs, who enjoys Asian bakeries, a thorough skincare regimen, and living vicariously through TLC shows. She loves bold patterns, bright colors, and blasting music from strong female rappers. Her experience in watercolor, illustration, and sculpture allow her to create many of the 2D and 3D items available in our store.

Our shared experience and passion for art and design collided, and we have been creating things together ever since. What started as a makeshift studio in Cameron's mom's game room (lovingly referred to as "The Nerdery") has grown into an online storefront run out of a workshop in our backyard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Look at how far we've come!

STILL MILL was born as a way to enable ourselves to keep designing, building, and making art - and to enable the amazing artists and artisans in our community to do the same. We invite you to join us in celebrating the vibrant creative community in Oklahoma.

Whether you are stopping by our blog to learn about Tulsa and Oklahoma based artists or taking a look through our store, we are confident you will find something you'll love!